One day in Ikebukuro



I arrived at Ikebukuro Station around 12:00AM. It took me 5 to 10 minutes to get out of the station. It linked directly to Seibu Shopping mall. It was huge.

池袋駅に12時頃に到着しました。 駅を出るのに5分から10分かかりました。 西武ショッピングモールに直結されたようで、モール自体は 巨大でした。

Me and my friend have lunch at Pho Thin Ikebukuro. The place was small. It seems like Vietnamese pop music was playing all the time. I felt like I was in an ordinary Vietnamese family restaurant. The food is very good. I can tell you that it is real Pho. Back to when I was in the university, and for 2 years of my first job before I came to Japan, I ate Pho every morning and the afternoon. I don’t even know how can a person get addicted to something that much for 6 years.

友人と一緒にPho Thin 池袋で昼食を食べました。店内は相当狭かった。ベトナムのポップミュージックがずっと流れていたようです。普通のベトナムのファミリーレストランにいるように感じました。料理はとても美味しいです。本物のフォーと言っても過言ではありません。大学時代、そして日本に来る前の最初の仕事の2年間は、毎日朝と昼にフォーを食べました。6年間もあんなに中毒になるものなのかと思うほどです。

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After having meal, we headed up to Sunshine City Shopping Mall looking for some cute Autumn Clothes.



We took a short break at starbucks at the 2nd floor of the building and then having dinner at Subway at 6:00PM.


We then decided to go to karaoke. The location is Utahiroba. Utahiroba is a pretty famous karaoke box chain in Japan. Room rent is quite cheap. Rent for a single room (capacity of 2 to 3 people) is about 1800¥ ($16)/hour, free self-serve drinks.


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I got home around 9:45PM. Clean things up quickly and mentally prepare for another supper busy week of work.


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