One day in Odaiba



The weather wasn’t very nice. It was cloudy. But you can tell it’s definitely autumn. It was a bit cold and dry. The air was fresh. It was a nice day to hang out anyway.


The view from Yurikamome Line

10:40 I was in the Yurikamome train Line. I always love the panoramic view from these trains.

10:40 ゆりかもめ線に乗っていました。いつもこの電車からの立派な眺めが大好きです。

11:15 Me and my friend arrived at TeamLab. I’ve received a lot of recommendations for the place. The entrance fee was expensive (around 29$) and I’m not really into art so I hesitated for a long while. But after all, I decided that it was fine to give it a try though.

11:15 チームラボに到着しました。以前たくさんのお勧を受け、行ってみようと思いました。実は入場料が高くて(約29ドル)、アートにあまり興味がないので、行くか行かないかずっと迷っていましたがやっと行きました。

They have a fancy website introducing things that you may experience. Inside the lab you’ll find 2 floors. The first floor was called the Borderless world. They used lights, music, projectors system, a lot of mirrors to create a fantasy world. I was quite impressed.


This is what happens in the 1st Floor. 1Fの様子です。

In second floor they have Future Park, Athletic Forest, the Floating Nest (maybe this one shall be changed periodically, it used to be the Forest of Lamps I guess), the Sketch Aquarium, etc. This place was kind of a kids zone though adults may also have a very nice experience.


This is the main area in the 2nd Floor. 2階のメインエリアです。

You may have some joy drawing fishes and lizards and watch them swimming/crawling around.


I’ve tried to draw Nemo. But it’s obviously a flop lol. ニモを描こうとしましたが、明らかに失敗です(笑)。

We have a late lunch at around 3PM at Green Asia Tokyo Restaurant on the 3rd floor of VenusFort Building. I have Vietnamese Pho and my friend have Thai’s Gappao. I can’t say it tastes authentic, but it’s not bad.


After lunch, we walked around the shopping area and then moved to the Aqua City building.


We had chill time at Starbucks on the 3rd Floor of the building and then heading home at 9PM.


I regret not dining out lol

夕食を外で食べずに帰宅したことをその後後悔しました 笑

They have Statue of Liberty here in Japan too, you guys!

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