Time management has never been easy.


Our time is limited!

In my view, time management is the art of doing as many valuable things as possible in a limited time. In this post, we’re going through a journey of finding the answer for the question of “why are we doing what we are doing?”, learning the system and the tools we may use to manage our time, and learning how to build good habits which may save us a lot of time and energy while doing daily tasks which, of couse, should be valuable to us.


The LIFE VISION – ライフビジョン

None of us can know with any true certainty what will make us happy. In fact, it turns out that we’re pretty lousy at guessing how something will make us feel, thanks to a phenomenon know as impact bias: “the tendency for people to overestimate the length or the intensity of future feeling states.” In essence, we chronically underestimate our ability to adapt.


Ryder Carol – “The Bullet Journal Method”

I personally think that the key of doing daily tasks without feeling of any frustration is knowing exactly what you are doing. What are the purposes of doing the tasks which are draining your energy and your TIME? How many times you’ve worked your ass off on something to find out how quickly comes the emptiness?


To determine if a task is worth your time and effort, you need to define goals and plans for yourself in advance. To develop goals and plans for the week, month, and year, you need to have a general view of your life. To determine how you want to live your life, you need to know what your life values are. What do you value in life? You can use Dr Demartini’s Online Value Determination Tool to discover what is truly most important to you.


Once you found out what you value in life, you may want to keep it in mind and then image how your life is going to be. Below is a reference template designed based on the idea in “The very Basic of Money” published by Asahi News.



As you ponder your future life plans, there are two things I think you should keep in mind. I once heard a great TED talk about finding what makes a happy life. The answer is quality relationships.


Another important factor that I want to talk about is responsibility.


The purpose of life is finding the largest burden that you can bear and bearing it.


Jordan Peterson

In other words, it is from the moment you decide to take responsibility that you begin to find the meaning of life.


The SYSTEM – システム

I used to use a notebook to manage life. But recently I have switched to using Google Calendar and Notion as suggested by my favorite blogger (the hanoi chamomile). I have noticed a lot of improvement in work performance since switching to using these two applications. As I mentioned in the previous section, for good time management, we need to have a specific direction, define how the work we are doing now gonna lead us to a good life in the future. I use Notion to manage all my yearly, monthly and daily goals. However, to manage all that happens during the day, there can’t be a better choice than Google Calendar (GC).

以前は手帳を使って生活を管理しました。しかし最近は、お気に入りのブロガー(the hanoi chamomile)に勧められて、GoogleカレンダーとNotionを使うようになりました。この2つのアプリケーションを使うようになってから、仕事のパフォーマンスが格段に向上したことを実感しています。前段で述べたように、時間管理をうまく行うためには、具体的な方向性を持つ必要があります。つまり、今やっているタスクが将来の良い生活にどうつながるのかを明確にする必要があります。Notionを使って、1年、1ヶ月、1日の目標をすべて管理できます。しかし、日中に起こるすべての出来事を管理するためには、恐らくGoogleカレンダー(GC)よりも良い選択はないと思います。

Google Calendar Tutorial

I think most of us only use GC to manage part of our life. However, I personally prefer using GC to manage the whole day. I fill in every GC gap with all the actual happenings of the day. I don’t just use GC to plan, I use GC to record what happens during the day. When I look back, I can see when I wasted my time, did I spend enough time with my family. I look back on my day, and figure out what I could do to improve it on the next day. I want to reduce emotional choices as much as possible by recording my activities and helping my brain shape it to make better choices in the future.


Most of us only use GC to manage specific parts of our life.
Source: https://workspaceupdates-ja.googleblog.com/2021/08/8-google.html
Google Calendar is perfectly designed to manage all the events of the day.

(To be continued)

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