One day in Odaiba

お台場で一日中 25.09.2021 The weather wasn't very nice. It was cloudy. But you can tell it's definitely autumn. It was a bit cold and dry. The air was fresh. It was a nice day to hang out anyway. 天気はあまりよくありませんでした。曇っていました。でも、確実に秋だということはわかりますよね。少し寒くて乾燥していました。空気は新鮮だった。とにかく出かけるのによい日でした。 The view from Yurikamome Line 10:40 I was in the Yurikamome train Line. I always love … Continue reading One day in Odaiba

Time management has never been easy.

時間管理は決して簡単ではありません。 Our time is limited! In my view, time management is the art of doing as many valuable things as possible in a limited time. In this post, we're going through a journey of finding the answer for the question of "why are we doing what we are doing?", learning the system and the tools … Continue reading Time management has never been easy.